How to Make Gift Card Holders Using a Cricut Machine

I love the holidays! The spirit of giving is something that fills my heart full! 

When buying gifts it's easy to remember the main people, like Mom, Dad, Sisters, and Brothers, but sometimes we forget about the extended giftees: aunts, cousins, teachers, and even bus drivers!

Refashion Runway - Season Five: Kentucky Derby Hat Reveal

Wow, I can't believe we are at the final week of Refashion Runway Season Five! This week is all about Kentucky Derby Hats!

Refashion Runway - Season Five: 1970s Reveal

Voting is now closed for round two of Refashion Runway Season Five, but you can read all about it below. This round is all about the 1970s!

Refashion Runway - Season Five: Statement Sleeves Reveal

Voting is now closed for round one of Refashion Runway Season Five, but you can read more about it below! This round is all about the sleeves!

Refashion Runway - Season Five Contestant

Refashion Runway is a sewing challenge hosted by The Renegade Seamstress. This season she has chosen 15 contestants to compete; I am one of the 15 contestants!

Mythical Magic Bottles

The Mythical Magic Bottles are a super cute craft project! Not only are they a quickie project, but they're a great for selling at craft fairs!

Collaborative Drawing

I adore creating with my children. I've even considered making this blog tagline "and her kids are too" because we often craft together.

Making keepsakes to remind us of the fun we had is so special and today I decided to try Collaborative Drawing with my six year old daughter. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if she would grasp the concept at first, but I only had to tell her once and we were on our way, so it's easily a Kindergarten age activity.