Tie Back Sandals for Dolls

Every outfit deserves a great pair of shoes, right?


I think this goes the same for doll outfits!

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I'm glad my daughter is finally old enough to enjoy playing with dolls, because I get to be the cool mom who makes all kinds of fun clothes!


While most of the outfits I've been making are crocheted, I've decided that they need some fun footwear options. The best part is, these shoes are easy enough, kids can make them too!

These Tie Back Sandals are the first of a few different shoes I've created. More tutorials will be coming in the near future.

Want to make your own Tie Back Sandals? Read below.

Ric Rac
www.facebook.com/groups/shessocreative1/8 - 1/4" wide decorative trim/flat shoe laces
Thick Foam Sheet
Thin Foam Sheet
Scissors / Craft Knife

Varies by doll


Under an hour


Trace doll foot onto a piece of paper. I use cardstock because it is thick and sturdy, plus I can save the template for other shoes.

Cut around the trace marks, so there is a 1/8 - 1/4" space around trace marks. You can trace this paper and make a second template if you prefer, but only one is needed because both feet are the same (You just need to flip it over for the opposite foot).

Trace template onto thick foam sheet.


Cut out foam pieces; these will be the soles. Do not worry if the sole edges are messy, we will be covering these up anyway. For 18" dolls, my sole pieces were 2.75 x 1.5".

Place sole beneath doll foot and measure from the bottom edge of sole, over the foot (below the toes), and down to the other bottom edge of sole. This is the length of ric rac you need. For 18" dolls, my ric rac pieces were 2.5" long.

With sole piece beneath doll foot, mark the places the sole in the place just below the toes (one on each side). Glue ric rac to edge of sole, one end to each edge.

Next, measure around the whole edge of the sole and cut a strip from the thin foam to this length and about 1/4 - 3/8" wide. You will want this piece wide enough so it covers the entire edge of the thick foam, plus a slight overhang. This will help keep the shoe secure on the dolls foot. For 18" dolls, I got 7 1/8" long.




Starting at the center of the heel, glue around the bottom half of the sole edge & up the side. I used hot glue, but any craft glue can be used. Place the sole trim over the glue. Continue gluing down the trim to the rest of the sole. Make sure this trim is flush with the bottom of the sole. 


Next, measure from ric rac down to heel. Add 4" and then double the total measurement. This is the cut length of the decorative trim (tie). Fold the piece in half. For 18" dolls, I got 13" total length.

"Loop" the tie around the ric rac, so the center of the tie is up against the top edge. Place glue over the ric rac and place a small dot onto the tie just below the ric rac and press down the tie to secure.
Optional: Burn tips of trim, so they don't unravel.

And VOILA! A cute pair of Tie Back Sandals!



What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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