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I just love handmade home decor! It's so much fun to be able to pick out all the colors and add a personal touch.

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As a craft blogger, I am really obsessed with anything that says "Create". I think everyone should tap into their creative side and make things, whether it be a quilt, a sweater, even a table, or a colored page framed on the wall.

I love exercising my "right brain" and I always encourage others to "make something"!

So, when I sat down with this absolutely gorgeous fabric from Adornit, I knew I needed to make some decor projects that I could use all the time.

It wasn't long before I noticed my Rae Dunn "Create" pencil holder. Yep! That was it! I was going to make a pillow with the word "CREATE" on the front.

I spent the next little while trying to match up fabrics and decide what to use and in which order to use it. I had plans for some of the projects, so I had to set those aside.

Keep reading to make your own!

I used the White with Flowers for the Trim too!
3 - Fat Quarters
  • Main Front (A)
  • Main Back (B)
  • Trim (C)
6 - Scraps (3" x 4.5")
Rotary Cutter 
Cutting Mat
Pins or Clips
Sewing Machine
Machine Thread
18" x 18" Pillow Form or Fiber Fill Stuffing
Optional: Iron-on Adhesive 
Optional: Fray Check

Approx. 18" x 18"


2-5 Hours

  • I would use a solid or semi solid fabric for the front panel, so the letters can really pop.
  • Use 3/8" seam throughout 
  • Always attach fabrics with right sides together
  • The tutorial photos are going to show the pillow minus the trim because the trim ended up being an afterthought. I had originally made it without the trim, but hated the finished look, so I pulled it apart, added the trim, and remade it.

Cut Main Fabrics (A & B) into 15" x 15" squares.
Cut Trim into 8 - 2 1/4" x 21" strips.

Attach Trim Strips to Front and Back Panels::
With right sides together and starting at the top of either panel: sew one strip so it goes from edge to edge of the front/back panel; cut off excess fabric. Attach next piece to the right side, so it starts at the top edge of the first trim strip and down the bottom of the panel; cut off excess. Attach next piece to the bottom, so it starts at the edge of the second trim strip and across to the left side of the panel; trim off excess. Attach last strip to the left side of the panel, so it goes from the edge of bottom trim, across the panel, and to the edge of the top trim; cut of excess.

Repeat for 2nd panel.

Using the scraps of fabric, cut out the letters C-R-E-A-T-E from the desired fabrics. Each letter should be approx. 2.5" x 4". I freehanded this portion, but I have created a PDF template if you prefer it. Just print it at 100%. Click HERE for template.

Line up the letters on the front center of the front panel. Place a piece of adhesive tape under each letter and iron into place, or you can pin the letters in place. I used adhesive tape for a more secure hold.

Now sew around the edge of each letter and the letter openings.

Place the finished front and back panels right sides together and sew up three sides. If you're using fiber fill stuffing, sew the fourth side, leaving 6" opening.

Trim the tip off each of the 3 finished corners. This makes the corners more pointy when you turn it right side out.

Optional: put Fray Check around each seam on both panels. Allow fray check to set before continuing.

Turn right side out, push out the corners, and either insert pillow form or stuff it. You want it stuffed firmly, but be careful not to over fill and stretch the seams, because this could cause the fabric to fray (or you could use fray check).

Finally, you'll want to sew up the opening using the Invisible Stitch
You can check out this great YouTube tutorial for instructions on the Invisible Stitch.


vv With Trim vv

vv Back Side vv

What do you think? I know I am in love with it!

Thank you for crafting with me today!

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