Fabric Flamingo Friend

When I first saw this cute Flamingo fabric from Adornit, I knew I had to make it into a Flamingo stuffed animal! I mean, what else is a girl to do with Flamingo Fabric, but make a Flamingo?!


I had made a Flamingo Friend crochet pattern earlier this Summer, so I wanted to make this guy with a similar look.

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My crochet Flamingo Friend has a pink body with black legs and I had just the perfect fabrics to keep this look. I had left over Black Triangle Stripe fabric from my recent Oven Mitt pattern and I absolutely loved that print, so I was extra excited that I had enough left over for this!

After getting together all the fabrics I wanted to use, I sketched out a template to use, and then I got started.


1/2 yard Dark Peach (A)
Scraps of White (B)
1/2 yd of Black (C)
1/4 yard of Light Peach (D)
1/4 yard of Medium Peach (E)
1 yd Heavy Fusible Interfacing
15mm Yellow Safety Eyes
Poly-Fil Fiber Fill Stuffing
1 - 1/2" x 12" Wooden Dowel
Sewing Machine
Machine Thread
Scissors / Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Pins / Clips
Fray Check

18" from top of head to bottom of body x 16" wide
17" legs


2-5 Hours

  • 1/2" Seam Allowance used throughout.
  • I used these Adornit fabrics: Birds of a Feather (A), Field of Flowers (B), Triangle Stripe Black (C), Peach Burnish (D), and Etched Blossoms Coral (E).
  • Make sure to cut notches around curves and cut the tip off all corners (up against, but not cutting through, the stitching). 
  • I add fray check to all of my stitches on toys to help prevent shredding.
  • >>My tutorial photos do not show the use of interfacing, because I actually forgot to add it (yikes!), but this is necessary to keep the neck shape stiffened.



Tape 4 pieces of printer paper together and draw a Flamingo head & body. Draw wings and beak in any blank white space big enough.

OR print this template: FLAMINGO FRIEND TEMPLATE

I printed the template at 125% because I decided to make mine a bit bigger than I had originally drawn. The finished measurements given above are based on printing this template at 125%.

Cut out the template pieces.


Iron Fabric


Trace the head & body piece on the wrong side of the fabric. Flip template over and trace on wrong side of fabric again (mirror image pieces). Cut these out. NOTE: Make sure to mark the dots where the wings and legs will be attached. Repeat on fusible interfacing.


Next Cut the beak template along the center line to make two pieces. Cut two mirror images pieces on the wrong side of fabric B with the beak tip template. Then cut two mirror images pieces on the wrong side of fabric C with the beak base template.


Trace the outer wings on the wrong side of fabric C, flip it over and trace again (mirror image), making 2 of each wing direction. Then cut the center wing out of the template and trace on the wrong side of fabric D (mirror image). You will need 2 of each outer wing (4 total) and 2 total inner wings.


Cut 4 - 3" x 18" pieces from fabric B. Optional, make a rounded end for feet.

Pin the two beak pieces right sides together, on the edge where they connect, and sew across. Repeat with other 2 beak pieces.


Next, pin one finished beak piece to the head piece, sewing with right sides together, then pressing the seam down. Repeat with other beak/head.


Mark a place for the eye (in desired location). Iron a 1" square of interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, then cut a small x in the center (over eye hole mark) and insert safety eye.




Place inner wing (wrong side) on the outer wing (right side), so their flat edges line up [both fabrics will be right side up]. Using a zig zag stitch, attach inner wing to outer wing. I set my stitch length to 1 and stitch width to 4.

Place unworked outer wing piece over the top of the outer piece with an inner wing attached (right sides together) and sew around the outside, leaving the flat edge open. Turn right side out and stuff it. Repeat with other wing.

Then attach the wings to the right sides of the body. First lay wing upside down, so the flat edge lines up with markings. Sew across. Flip the wing down, so the right side is up, and top stitch the wing in place.


Iron fusible interfacing piece to head and body, they do not need to be a perfect fit and are most importantly needed in the front of the body + neck to keep neck stable.

Take 2 leg pieces, pin them right sides together, and sew around the outside, leaving one short edge unworked. Stuff it. Repeat with for other leg. (Ooops! I forgot photos for the legs instructions!)

Pin the body pieces right sides together, bring the legs down in between the right sides of the body and line the flat edge up to the leg markings on the bottom of the body (feet will be sticking out of the top of the body). [Had to use scrap paper to at least demonstrate this part]


Sew across the legs and around the body, leaving a 6" opening at the bottom.

Turn the Flamingo right side out and stuff  the whole thing (head, neck, body). You want the stuffing to be firm, but not overstuffed, so you don't split the seams. Place the wooden dowel inside the neck, so it's at the front of the body and goes about halfway up the neck. This is for extra stability.

Use an invisible seam to close up the 6" opening. 

Now you have a super cute new Flamingo Friend!


The other fun thing about this template is that you could make a swan with it too! Just use white fabric (and maybe don't make the legs so long ha!)

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you for crafting with me today!

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