Fabric Compact Mirror

I don't know how Christmas in July got started, but I'm loving it! Not only is it an opportunity to get a head start on Christmas gifts, but it's also another chance to dive into the holiday spirit. 

So when I saw that there was a Christmas in July Sew-Along hosted by Marie at Underground Crafter, I knew I had to get in on the fun!

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When planning for this SAL, I tried to come up with something unique. I had a bunch of ideas on my list, but none of them felt original enough. I hope you find this project just as exciting as I do!

Let's get sewing!

1 - Fat Quarter
2" Mirrors
Heavy Cardstock
Fabric Marker
Scissors or Rotary Cutter 
Needle and Thread 
Optional: Sewing Machine 
Optional: Snap Buttons or Velcro


Under 2 Hours

Note: Some photos below are from a different project, but the instructions are the same.

1. Wash and Iron Fabric


 2. Trace around a 3.75" round object (4 times). You can also cut these circles with your Cricut!


3. Cut out four circles.


4. On one circle, trace the mirror in the center, then make another circle 1/4" smaller than the mirror outline. <This is the mirror side>

5. Cut a slit in the center of the circle and then cut notches to the center line (do not go to the line made by tracing the mirror). -- Fold the notches back and press in place.

6. Pin or clip two circles together, with the right sides touching, and sew around the outside, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 1.5" opening at the top for turning. Repeat with other two circles.


7. Notch all the way around the outside of the circles, so that the point of each triangle is up against the seam. Be careful not to cut through the stitches! <Repeat with other two circles>.

8. Trace the mirror onto a piece of heavy cardstock (twice) and cut out the circles.

9. Turn circles right sides out and top stitch 1/4" around, leaving the same 1.5" opening.

10. On the non-mirror side, insert one piece of cardstock and stuff it on one side only.
<The first image is from a different prototype, so it doesn't reflect the topstitching>

11. Glue the other piece of cardstock to the back of the mirror. This is to reinforce the mirror to help prevent breaks.

12. Cut a 2" x 5" strip for the "hinge".

13. Fold it in half, then fold the outer edge in to the center line.

14. Fold strip in half lengthwise.

15. Insert "hinge" strip into the opening of the non-mirror side, 1/4" past the top stitch line. Tuck the excess fabric into the opening also, and top stitch closed with the "hinge" inside. Then repeat on the mirror side.

16. Stuff mirror side firmly, but don't overstuff. Make sure the stuffing goes under the "flap" and against the seam. I put glue on the fabric first and then put the stuffing in to hold it in place.

17. Insert the mirror over the stuffing and under the flaps. Place glue around the edge of the mirror under the flaps (E6000 works great). Set aside to dry.

18. Optional (not pictured): Add velcro or snap buttons to the edge opposite of the hinge as a closure.

And there you have a cute little compact mirror!

Thanks for stopping by!

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