Mythical Magic Bottles

The Mythical Magic Bottles are a super cute craft project! Not only are they a quickie project, but they're a great for selling at craft fairs!

These bottles can be made in any color schemes, but in this tutorial I'm working in colors schemes to represent mermaids, fairies, and unicorns. Another fun color scheme would be mostly gold, for a real "magical" feel. 
Here’s what you’ll need to complete the beginner level project:

Tip: Lay wax paper over your crafting surface before getting started with glitter. This will make clean up a snap; you can roll it up like a funnel and put the glitter back into the bottle, plus you can crumple it up and throw it away when you’re done, keeping the glitter contained.
This craft is so simple, I won't have step by step tutorial photos: All you do is pick glitter color combinations and pour them into the bottles. Don't forget your glitter funnels!

Tip: Gently tap the bottle on a hard surface after every layer to "pack" the glitter. 
For the Unicorn Bottle, I chose bright colors and poured them in rainbow order: Bright Pink, Yellow Spring Green, Aqua Blue, and Purple. I then topped it with iridescent stars. 
For the Fairy Bottle, I chose Pinks and Purples for a super "feminine" touch: Bright Pink, Irridescent Silver Stars, Violet Purple, Medium Pink, and Bright Purple. I then topped it with iridescent stars. 
For the Mermaid Bottle, I chose cool colors: Spring Green, Aqua Blue, Medium Blue, Bright Purple (layered in that order twice). I then topped it with pink iridescent stars. 
After you have the glitter in the bottle you will want to put a layer of E6000 glue around the cork (or plastic stopper depending on which bottle you have). Then, push the stop back into the bottle and hold it for 1 minute. Wipe off any excess glue. Set it aside to dry for an hour or so before continuing to decorations.

Decorations: This part is super fun! Let your imagination run wild! You can add sticker gems, charms, adhesive vinyl decor, labels.. anything you can possibly think of can be used to decorate these bottles. You can also add a mini eye screw to the top and add a chain to make a necklace or even a keyring to make a keychain. In my case, the mini bottles I bought already have the eye in them. 

For Large Bottles: These would be perfect for any "mythical collector". They sit beautifully on a shelf or altar. They also have more space for customizing your favorite look. 
One option is to put glitter only about half way up, then add a layer of clear glue or resin and allow to dry. Then you can add other items to the inside like resin fairies or star charms. In my case, I made a fairy in a bottle. I used blue extra fine glitter and blue iridescent stars, and topped it with clear glue. I cut wings from clear vinyl and glued them to a metallic pom pom. Once the glue was dry (in the bottle and on the wings), I dropped the little "Fairy" inside. Optional: glue the fairy down. 
One other thing I really love about this craft: it's kid friendly! The Large "Unicorn" bottle you see was made by my 6 year old daughter. She had so much fun with it and was so proud of herself. And because she made it in a large bottle, we had no big glitter spills to worry about. 
I hope you have so much fun with this craft! I'd love to have you share them in the She's So Creative Crafter Community group! Don't forget to like me on Facebook and Instagram
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