Refashion Runway - Season Five: Statement Sleeves Reveal

Voting is now closed for round one of Refashion Runway Season Five, but you can read more about it below! This round is all about the sleeves!

You can head over to THIS POST to read about more about what Refashion Runway is and to see the design schedule.

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For this round, we were to design something to feature statement sleeves. Statement Sleeves are exactly how they sound: sleeves that make a statement. They wouldn't be a straight forward plain fitted sleeve, but something that has interesting elements that make you stand out in a crowd.

The purpose of Refashion Runway is to take something old and turn it into something new, but I ran into a little snag: I did the whole Kon Mari thing last year and donated several trash bags of clothing from every dresser and closet in this house. Oops. So, I hit the thrift store instead!

The best part is I was able to get both of the shirts for $4! Score!

Now for my design:

I knew I wanted a sheer shirt for the upper front and sleeves and a men's button-up for the bottom of the shirt.

First, I deconstructed both shirts, then I took the blue sleeves and trimmed them down to size (the blue shirt was a women's size 3X and I made the new shirt a women's size Small).

Then I cut the top quarter off of the back panel of the blue shirt and the bottom half of the back panel of the white shirt and sewed them together.

I took the remaining portion of the blue shirt back panel and cut it in half widthwise, turn the piece sideways, and attach it to the bottom of the sleeve for a long flounce and then I cut peekaboo holes into the top portion of the sleeves. I took pieces of the white shirt front panels and made bows to attach under the peekaboo holes.

My original design had the men's shirt for both the front and back panels, but in the end I changed it to have the back panel completely sheer, because I felt like there was too much white.

I also added the pockets "at the last minute" to help break up how "flat" it looked.

Special Thanks to my sister for modeling for me! I would definitely say it was difficult to fit a shirt for someone whose measurements I only had a general idea of, so I'm pretty proud of how well the fit turned out.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my first refashion! Don't forget to head over to The Renegade Seamstress' website to place your vote for your favorite sleeves.

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  1. rhw front of a mans pleated tuxido shirt would be awesome in fhis redo