Refashion Runway - Season Five: Kentucky Derby Hat Reveal

Wow, I can't believe we are at the final week of Refashion Runway Season Five! This week is all about Kentucky Derby Hats!

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After doing some research, I learned that there were a few types of "hat" styles for the Kentucky Derby, one was known as a fascinator, which just lays flat on your head by means of a headband or hair clip, instead of having a "slot" for your head to go into. I really loved this look, so I decided to give it a try. 

Typically Kentucky Derby Hats are made using a fabric called sinamay, but I couldn't find any hats or other projects made from it and I didn't have any here, so I decided to try a different fabric. I had lots of left over fabric from the wedding dress I used for round 3.

The liner was perfect for the base of the fascinator because it was lightweight and semi-sheer.
I actually designed this "hat" around a dress my model has, so I decided to dye the white fabric pink to match her dress (and shoes!), but I ended up having to model it myself (red dress to the rescue!) I'm so glad I dyed it pink, it really adds that perfect "pop"!

I also had a red button up that I had bought (but never used) for Round 1, so I used that to make roses to represent the rose garland given to the winner of the Kentucky Derby!

I have a lot of silk flowers laying around, since I buy them as photo props for my crochet patterns, so I was happy to have a purpose for them (I only use them in photos a couple of times each). I dyed two bundles of the white flowers pink to bring more pink into the finished piece.

I used floral wire and beaded some of the pearls from the wedding dress bodice onto them to give the "hat" a little more romance and visual texture. I added one pink flower to each tip to tie it together.

Last, but not least, I took one of my daughters toy horses and added it to the front. This was a whimsy addition, because that's really more true to my style (I typically design "playful" and "whimsical"). Since the derby is all about horses, it just seemed right. Plus, I'll just give the fascinator to my daughter to add to her dress-up box, since I probably won't visit the Kentucky Derby anytime soon.

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