Refashion Runway - Season Five: Southwest Reveal

Refashion Runway Season Five Round Five is all about Southwestern!

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This round was a little more challenging than the rest, because I literally live as far away from the Southwest as you can get in this country. Due to that, there is not a lot of Southwest style clothing or prints here.

However, I did have this super cute dress I bought at a really great price last year, so I decided to just go ahead and use it for this challenge.

I opted to go less "southwest style" and focus more on the "southwest print" because (as mentioned above) I'm in the Northeast and we don't dress in the Southwestern styles; I wanted the garment to be wearable here.

For this bodysuit romper I cut the dress down the side seams and cut the shorts from that fabric. Then I took the sleeveless shirt and cut the bottom 5-6" off of that and adjusted the size to take it down to a small. After forming the shorts, I attached the shirt top.

I took the lace from the shoulders of the dress and made belt loops, then took the remaining fabric from the dress and made a long belt that could tied on the hip (you may be noticing I'm quite a fan of belts!).

Originally I had planned a loose flowy romper, but in the end decided to go with a fitted bodysuit style, so it can be worn under oversized cardigans or even a summer vests with ease. I adore the look!

I hope you like my take on "Southwest"! Maybe I can retake the photos when it's Summer here, since we're currently buried in snow... for now, enjoy these fun photo edits *insert laughing tears*

Don’t forget to head over to The Renegade Seamstress website to VOTE for your favorite Southwestern project! 

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