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February 28, 2018
Hi, I'm Sonya! Welcome to She's So Creative!

If you love Crafts, DIY, and expressing your creativity, this is the site for you!

Although ‘She’s So Creative’ is still in it’s early stages, you will find lots of great tips, tutorials, and loads of inspiration (for various crafts) as time goes on.

You will find crochet, knit, sew, paper craft, and so much more. I’m excited to create with you!

I have been a creative soul since I was very young and it’s something I’ve always been called to do: make things with my hands! This is probably why I have been a crochet designer for the last five years. You can find my work at www.blackstone-designs.com

Over my crochet design career, I’ve noticed myself drawn to adding other medias where possible. This made me realize that I can’t be tied to one craft. Crochet will always be my first love, though! In fact, there’s a whole Blackstone Designs | Crochet Community group for my crochet business Blackstone Designs. I’d love to have you join! And you can join the She’s So Creative | Crafter Community group to see it all!

So, what do I do when I’m not creating? I’m dreaming about it! I’m a Wife and Mom of three, so we all know what that means: I’m busy! When I’m not creating, I’m usually driving my kids somewhere (soccer, baseball, theater…), I’m cooking, I’m cleaning (meh, sometimes), and secretly wishing I had a Nanny that could do all that stuff, so I could just swim in a sea of glitter all day! 

Sometimes I like to relax with a good book or play puzzle games (gotta keep that brain strong), but my hobbies truly are creativity related.  

I really hope you enjoy this site and find tons of inspiration from it!

Be sure to join the community group on Facebook, so we can chat, get to know each other, and share our projects!

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