Pom Pom Birds

My daughter recently celebrated Dr. Seuss week at school. On Wednesday, they read the book "Wacky Wednesday" and the kids were asked to come to school dressed "wacky".

We went on the hunt for a silly hairstyle and she saw a bird's nest she had to have!

So we grabbed our "bun maker" and made the nest. I happened to have some great leaves, so we tucked those in. And then I realized we didn't have a bird! Oh no!

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Tooth Fairy Pillow

If you read my very first post, 10 Crafts You Must Try, then you know that I am also a crochet designer. One of my very first designs was a Tooth Fairy Pillow and it's also one of my favorites. Once I had it finished, I was so excited, it gave me butterflies!

So, I thought it would be really fun to recreate it as my first sewing pattern. You can also get the free Crochet version HERE.

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