Pom Pom Birds

My daughter recently celebrated Dr. Seuss week at school. On Wednesday, they read the book "Wacky Wednesday" and the kids were asked to come to school dressed "wacky".

We went on the hunt for a silly hairstyle and she saw a bird's nest she had to have!

So we grabbed our "bun maker" and made the nest. I happened to have some great leaves, so we tucked those in. And then I realized we didn't have a bird! Oh no!

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So my mind started racing with ideas. First I grabbed felt, but as I was planning how that could work, I remembered we had just bought a variety pack of pom poms.

Yes! One pom pom for the head, one for the body! I could still use the felt for other parts. And of course I have like a thousand wiggle eyes, so I grabbed those and the hot glue gun and in just about five minutes, we had a super cute bird.

We used extra large pom poms for that bird, but later that night, she requested a smaller bird. I made it so quickly, that I decided to go ahead and make a few more. There was no shortage of excitement and love for her new collection of birds.

After I made a few I thought "oh my gosh, these are so cute! I need to  share them!" because I know other kids will love them too!

Here's how to make your own:

Craft Pom Poms
Felt Sheets
Mini Google Eyes
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks


Under 2 Hours


1. Grab two pom poms: Place a dab of glue off center on the body pom pom and attach the head.

2. Put a dab of glue on the side of the head and attach a google eye. Repeat on other side of head.

3.Cut feet and wings out of felt

4. Put a dab of glue on each foot and attach to the bottom-front of body pom pom. Put a dab of glue on each wing and attach to the sides of the body, so they line up under the eyes.

5. Cut a wide triangle out of felt for the beak. Roll the wide edge up and glue the corners to each other. Dab glue on the rolled end and attach to front-center of the head.

Craft Slime DIY

And that's it! You have a cute little fuzzy bird!

You could also cut some "feathers" out of felt and place them on top of the head. Or even a felt hairbow or bowtie to make them a little more whimsical.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'd love to see your birds! Come join the She's So Creative Crafter Community group on Facebook to share your finished projects with me!

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  1. Awww this is soooo cute!! I have got to try this!!! I love it!!