DIY Watermelon Canvas Shoes

Watermelons are the summer icon! I get excited whenever I see Watermelon prints, because I know that warmer weather is coming!
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While shopping at Walmart, I found some super cute and super cheap canvas shoes that I figured would be a great back up pair of shoes for my daughter. 

At first, I skipped over the all white option, because my daughter is five, and that would be a disaster. Then, I remembered the fun shoe tutorials I had seen online (outer space!) and I instantly grabbed a pair.

I headed right over to Joann Fabric and Craft Store, because it just so happened they were having a sale on paint! It was kismet!

When I got to the paint section of Joann's, the neon paints immediately caught my eye! I had originally planned to paint on bows, but as soon as I saw the neon pink and green, the bows were out and the Watermelons were in! I'm so glad I chose to make these because they are so adorable and my daughter is over the moon for them! Of course, I may still make bow prints at some point, but for now I'm pretty thrilled about these.

If you're wanting to make your own, keep reading!

Canvas Shoes Paint
Paint Brushes
Pencil (These are my absolute favorite!)
Baby Wipes
Clear Acrylic Sealer (optional)


2 hours (plus drying time)


Remove the laces from the shoes

Stuff balled up newspaper inside

With pencil, draw small watermelons on the sides and back of shoes
With Green, paint a thin green strip around the edge of the toe. Let the paint set for 30 seconds (enough to soak into the canvas) and then you can use a baby wipes to get paint of the sole.

With Pink, paint the rest of the toe

Move to the sides and back and paint the bottom curve of the watermelon with Green paint, making sure to paint over the pencil marks.

Then fill in the rest of the tiny watermelons with Pink paint, making sure to paint over the pencil marks.

With Black, paint "seeds" over the toe and over the tiny watermelons around the sides and back. For this part, I started with small dots, then allowed them to dry. Later, I go back over them to "clean them up".

With Green, paint the trim around the shoe opening. Set the shoe aside and allow to dry before moving on. At this point, I started the second shoe, so I could allow the first one to dry.

Optional: Outline the toe in black.
I did this because my daughter helped to paint one of the shoes and she went over the edge, so I needed a way to hide it, but I actually really like it!

Next, remove the balled up newspaper and add a flat piece inside, then lay the tongue down, and paint around the edge with Green.

Optional: Mix a dot of white with a few dots of green to make a Mint color, and paint stripes into the Green around the toe.
And that's it ! You have a super cute pair of Watermelon shoes!!
After they dry completely, put the shoe laces in, and they're ready for outdoor wear! For longer lasting color (and to keep them stain free), you can spray them with a clear acrylic sealer!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are Super cute!! I Love them! Now to hunt for some white shoes to try it on! LOL

    1. Thank you! -- The shoes I got at Walmart were only $6! Both the kid and adult sizes.


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