God's Eye Craft

The God's Eye (also know as Ojo de Dios) is a simple yet fun craft that can be made by the whole family! All you need is a little scrap yarn and sticks!

These God's Eyes can be jazzed up with beads, gems, charms, tassels, pom poms, and more!

Here’s what you’ll need to complete the beginner level project:

Note: The length of your sticks will determine the amount of yarn you will need. The longer the stick, the bigger the project will be, and the more yarn you will need.

Hold your sticks together and tie yarn around the center. Wrap the yarn around the center 2 - 3 more times.

Open the sticks, so they are perfectly perpendicular and wrap the yarn 3 times around the unworked section in the center.

Now wrap the yarn once around one stick, *Bring yarn over to the next stick and wrap it around that stick (going over the top and around the bottom)*.  Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as desired and then switch colors.

When switching colors, you can either hot glue the yarn in place (suggested) or you can tie the yarn tails together (old color to new color). Hot glue is faster and easier. Make sure you glue on the back side only.
With Ties
With Glue

Keep repeating the wraps and color changes as desired until you reach the tips. Either place a dot of to glue across the stick and onto the last yarn wrap or tie the final tail really tie, so it won't slide off.

That's it! The cool thing is that the possibilities are endless! You can make them with 4" sticks, 10" sticks, 36" sticks...etc. You can also make any color patterns imaginable and my favorite part is that you can use more than 2 sticks and make very detailed designs! These can become very mandala like and just all around amazing!

You can also make them with 2" metal posts and turn them into earrings! You have to be a little more delicate with your wraps though, because the wire bends easily, but it's so worth it because they are adorable!

I hope you had fun with this tutorial! I cannot wait to see what you come up with! I'd love for you to show it some Pinterest love!

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