Collaborative Drawing

I adore creating with my children. I've even considered making this blog tagline "and her kids are too" because we often craft together.

Making keepsakes to remind us of the fun we had is so special and today I decided to try Collaborative Drawing with my six year old daughter. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if she would grasp the concept at first, but I only had to tell her once and we were on our way, so it's easily a Kindergarten age activity.

Key Holder Wall Hanging Quilt

The Key Holder Wall Hanging Quilt is the perfect gift for guys!

It can be hung in a garage or an entryway to the home. You can make it larger or smaller as needed for your space and needs.

Fabric Compact Mirror

I don't know how Christmas in July got started, but I'm loving it! Not only is it an opportunity to get a head start on Christmas gifts, but it's also another chance to dive into the holiday spirit. 

So when I saw that there was a Christmas in July Sew-Along hosted by Marie at Underground Crafter, I knew I had to get in on the fun!