Collaborative Drawing

I adore creating with my children. I've even considered making this blog tagline "and her kids are too" because we often craft together.

Making keepsakes to remind us of the fun we had is so special and today I decided to try Collaborative Drawing with my six year old daughter. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if she would grasp the concept at first, but I only had to tell her once and we were on our way, so it's easily a Kindergarten age activity.

This activity is super simple and it's one of my favorites: You take turns adding a small piece to the picture. No rules (except of course the maturity rating lol).

I have done this activity so many times throughout my life and it's always a big hit (even at adult parties!). Your drawing abilities don't matter! It just gives everyone a fun thing to do while you sit and chat (and maybe have some drinks). This is good for lots of laughs, no matter the ages of the people involved.

Collaborative Drawing with my sister Shana! Check her out on Caution: Artist at Play

So, this drawing I did with my daughter started with her drawing grass, then I added a pond, then she added the Sun, but also went back and colored in her grass too. Eventually she drew me and her in the grass and then added a cupcake in her hand... she even drew little cupcake crumbs all over the ground! Her very last addition was the heart between us! She just melts me! It was a great way to make memories and now we're going to frame it and hang it on the wall for us to look at time and time again (today we had a "girls day" and this was one of the things we did together). 

Here is another Collaborative Drawing my sister did with my younger son:

It's a blast to just let your imagination run wild. You can do a forest scene, farm scene, underwater scene... anything!

If you make one of these drawings, I would absolutely love to see it!
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