Refashion Runway - Season Five: 1970s Reveal

Voting is now closed for round two of Refashion Runway Season Five, but you can read all about it below. This round is all about the 1970s!

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The theme for Round 2 is "1970s", so immediately I went through the list of staple 70s pieces to decide which route to take. The very first thing I thought was "I want to do a high-waisted corduroy miniskirt", but I then also sat down with sketches for bell bottoms and a white boho "hippie" dress. Of course I also debated a jumpsuit, but I thought "someone else will definitely do that!" ... can't wait to see if they do!

Ultimately, I went back to the corduroy skirt because it was the one that excited me the most and I'm so happy I did!

In case you're just finding this challenge, the purpose of Refashion Runway is to take something old and turn it into something new. It's like repurposing old garments to give them new life.

This was another exciting score: I had a corduroy shirt from a store closing a few years ago and it only cost me $1, then I found this dress at a thrift store and also only paid $1! $2 for an outfit you can throw over any t-shirt!

About my design:

I actually had a couple corduroy shirts from the store closing, but I wanted to go with the blue for this. I like how this blue is a denim shade and I also like how well it went with the red-orange shade of the dress.

I removed the sleeves from the shirt, cut the top 2-3" off (including the collar) and cut off the bottom 8" (roughly). I cut it this way to preserve the pockets.

I then sewed the remaining portion into an a-line skirt to fit my model's measurements. I took the bottom portion of the shirt and used it for the waistband. Then I used the sleeves to make the suspenders. I also changed out the buttons for larger tan buttons to be more true to the 1970s.

I cut the bottom (skirt) off of the dress, then removed the liner, and cut the outer piece in half. I also trimmed down the length a bit and added armholes to make it a waterfall vest. I then crocheted a small trim piece, added fringe to it, and then sewed that along the bottom hem.

In my sketch for this, I had a 70s style t-shirt to marry the two pieces together. I used Cricut Infusible Ink to make this tee. I debated between a few sayings, but "feeling' groovy" felt like it went perfectly with this challenge (as in the model is feeling' groovy in her throwback outfit). I then went to Cricut Design Space and designed the words, printed it out, and pressed it onto the shirt. I used Infusible Ink opposed to vinyl because that was more true to the 70s as well.

I didn't plan for the t-shirt to be a part of the "refashion", but I did want to make sure to do some sort of "DIY", so it wasn't just a "freebie" garment. However, I did want to keep it simple, so the focus remained on the refashioned pieces.

I really had a blast with this one. I'm a 70s lover, so I was not at all disappointed to see this challenge on the list! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Special Thanks to my sister for modeling for me again! This time I was able to get her measurements LOL. And check out that super handy backdrop she already had! Kismet!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my second refashion! Don't forget to head over to The Renegade Seamstress' website to place your VOTE for your favorite sleeves.

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