How to Make Princess Wall Art – Free Tutorial

Want to learn how to make cute and easy Princess Wall Art that even the kids can help with? Then you’ve found the right post!

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I got this idea from art pieces I saw while shopping at the Dollar Tree. They had similar pictures that I wanted for my daughter’s room, but I realized I could make them at home with her help customizing them to what she would like on her walls!

This Princess Wall Art project was so fun. I really enjoyed watching my daughter decide on the princess styles. I drew the princesses and she colored them in and chose the tulle and embellishments.

Something else I love about this project is that it can be added to at any time. You can make a bunch of these in one setting or make more later.

Curious how we did it? Read the Princess Wall Art tutorial below:


4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ Canvas (I got these from Dollar Tree)
5″ x 7″ Picture Frame with Inner Mat (I got these from Dollar Tree)
Ultra Fine Point Black Marker (I used Sharpie)
Colored Markers in Dress and Skin Tone Colors (I used Crayola)
Tulle Scraps (in coordinating marker/dress colors)
Gem Stickers
Flower Embellishments
Glue (I used Hot Glue, but Tacky Glue can be used as well)

Skill Level

Beginner – Kid Friendly

Craft Time

Approximately 2 hours – 1 Hour to Make, 1 Hour to Dry


  • If having young children work on this project solo, I highly suggest tacky glue or cool glue. If children will have adult help, I suggest hot glue because it’s quicker and easier.
  • Most of the materials came from Dollar Tree, except the Offray Ribbon Flowers; they came from Joann.
Princess Wall Art pinterest pin


With a pencil, draw the princess centered on the canvas, head down to waist only. Once the princess looks how you want her to look, trace over the pencil with the black marker. When the marker is dry, erase any left over pencil marks.

Princess Wall Art outline

Color in the princess’ hair, skin, and dress in desired colors. This is a really fun way to get kids involved in this project!

Child coloring the Princess Wall Art - Princess Crafts for Kids

My daughter chose all of the details herself and I love that they all look different!

Princess Wall Art half finished

Next, cut the tulle in matching colors to the dress top, making the pieces approximately 8″L x 4″W. Scrunch the tulle up length wise, so it’s only as wide as the waist, and glue it on. Embellish the tulle skirt portion and upper dress as desired.

Then add the crown using the gems stickers.
(I apparently did not take a photo before I added embellishments.)

Princess Art unframed - Princess Room Decor

Glue the canvas onto the frame backing, centered. This lines it up, so it’s easy to pop the frame back on.

Princess Wall Art

Now, put the frame back on, making sure the tulle skirt is outside of and flows down over the front of the frame.

Princess Art finished and framed - Princess Room Decor

Finished Princess Wall Art!

Lastly, hang them on the wall! I cut out some wall decals on the Cricut to add between the princesses and I’m in love! Unfortunately the lighting is weird in her room, so couldn’t get a great photo.

Princess Wall Art hung on the wall with vinyl princess decals

That’s it! So easy! Of course you could always decorate behind the princess too, but I liked them being the only thing on the canvas, because it makes those skirts pop more.

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